How to Hang a Beveled Mirror

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    • 1). Find a stud in the wall. A stud finder usually slides over the wall, and either a rod will move or a light will come on when it passes over a stud. The mirror must be hung on a stud. Once you have found the stud, then you can proceed with the hanging process. When you find the stud, you should hang your mirror over it.

    • 2). Trace the mirror in the place where you want to hang it. Place the mirror up to the wall where you want to hang it. Use your pencil outline the top, bottom and side edges where you want your mirror to hang. You may want to have a friend help you hold the mirror in place.

    • 3). Make two marks on the wall where the wire on the back of the mirror is located. You can determine this by using the measuring tape to measure how far up the edge of the mirror the wire is located. The marks will be about a third of the way down the side of the mirror, and if the wire is mounted slightly inside the edge of the mirror (as they often are) then the marks should also be about a third of the way in from the right and left edge markings.

    • 4). Line up the brackets at each mark. You can use your pencil to mark the holes where the brackets will be screwed into the wall.

    • 5). Lightly hammer the anchor bolt into the stud. Hammer the anchor bolt gently until it becomes flush with the surface of the wall.

    • 6). Install your brackets and screws. Line up the bracket with the screw holes (the marks you made for the wire hangers) and screw the screws in for each of the brackets where the mirror will hang. Use your Phillips head screwdriver for this task. Screw each screw in about three quarters of the way in.

    • 7). Slide the mirror down into the brackets so that the mirror is flush against the wall. Line up the brackets with the screw holes for the top of the mirror. Screw each of the other two brackets in the wall using your Phillips head screwdriver. Check to be sure that each of the brackets clamp evenly on top of the mirror. Tighten the bottom two bracket screws the rest of the way in.

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