How to Make a Children's Fitness Board Game

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    • 1). Cut along the fold beside the glued seam of the cereal box. Remove and discard the end flaps. Open the box and lay it flat, with the brown side facing up, and glue seam to the right. Cut a 1-inch wide strip, then a ½-inch wide strip from the left side of the box. Set both strips aside. Draw two parallel lines, in a zigzag pattern, outlining a game path from the left to right edges of the box. Space the lines 1-inch apart. Connect the parallel lines, at 1-inch intervals with vertical lines to create blocks. Color the blocks but leave every eighth block brown.

    • 2). Cut two 1-inch squares from the inch-wide strip. Cut a 4-inch long section and set the remaining strip aside. Create a cube by folding the 4-inch strip, at 1-inch intervals, brown side up. Unfold the strip and write a large 1 in the first section, A in the second, 2 in the third and A in the fourth. Number the squares 3 and A. Fold the strip into a cube and tape the edges together. Tape squares 3 and A to the open sides, creating dice.

    • 3). Cut four 1-inch squares from the remaining inch-wide strip. Decorate each with different colored smiley faces. Cut the ½-inch strip into four 2-inch long sections. Fold each section in half. Cut a slit halfway through the middle of each folded section and insert the smiley faces into the slits to create standing game pieces.

    • 4). Cut five colored index cards in half. Write a separate instruction on each card. Begin with, "Do the happy dance," "Be a scared cat," "Play piano with your toes," "Be the drummer in a marching band," "Be an elevator," "Flap like a chicken," and "Be a washing machine." Finish the remaining cards with, "Touch your tongue to your nose," "Pat your head while rubbing your tummy" and "Lick your elbow."

    • 5). Apply standard board game rules to play. A player begins his turn by rolling the dice and moving the game piece forward the number shown or by drawing an activity card for an A. The player must act out the activity listed on the card and can move forward four spaces if he can accomplish the activity. The player remains stationary if he cannot do the activity. Move back one space when landing on a brown space. The player's turn ends once he has moved the game piece. The first player to reach the last space on the path wins.

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