Cheats for Oblivion Elder Scrolls IV

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    Powerful Cheats

    • All of the cheats in "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" can be activated by hitting the tilde ("~") button. Once you do, a prompt will appear, and you can type in any cheat. If you click your mouse on any creature or human in the game and type in "kill," that character will instantly die. If you come across a locked chest or door that you cannot open, click on it and type in "open" and it will open immediately. Typing in "tgm" will enable God Mode and make your character completely invincible. Caution: All codes are case sensitive.

    Accumulation Cheats

    • If you would like to have more gold, type in "player.additem 0000000F 'XXX' " (replace the Xs with the amount of gold desired). If you would like a quick level up, type in "player.setlevel 1" (just change the number to the level you want to be in). The highest level you can attain in the game is 255. If you just want to go up one level, type in "advlevel" for the level up screen to appear. If you want to increase your level of fame or infamy, enter "SetPCFame" or "SetPCInfamy", respectively.

    Characters and One Big Cheat

    • One advantage of "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" cheats is that you can change aspects of your character that would otherwise be set in stone. Entering "showclassmenu" will allow you to change the class of your character, and "SexChange" will switch the gender of your character. To change physical aspects, such as the color of your character's hair, enter "hairtint" followed by the new, desired color.

      For a big rush, enter "coc testinghall"; you will then be transported to a place that has all the items, monsters and characters in the game.

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