Catastrophic Health Insurance - What You Need to Know

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Catastrophic insurance is a form of policy which is specially intended to cover calamities.
It usually has an exceptionally high deductible and a low payment.
It is designed to help people pay for major accidents and extensive medical care.
The costs of prolonged or emergency treatment can get quite high, and this coverage can ensure that someone does not go bankrupt dealing with medical bills.
For many, it is a good investment even with a high deductible as opposed to paying for medical expenses out of pocket.
Those who have no health insurance also stand to gain from it.
These individuals will still have to pay for things like routine visits, medications, and so forth, but they can be assured that they will be provided for in the event of a major illness or accident.
Very healthy people are good candidates for catastrophic coverage when they opt not to carry health insurance.
This policy can be tricky to understand so read up on it very good so you are sure to understand everything.
Ask your agent about hypothetical situations to determine whether or not they will be covered.
Think carefully about the kinds of events which you may be faced with, and make sure that you know about all of the exclusions in the insurance coverage before you buy.
You would buy catastrophic health insurance plans as an individual or as part of a group.
Certain pre-existing conditions, such as diabetes and mental health disorders, might mean you can't qualify for an individual catastrophic health plan without prior qualifying group coverage or at least that you can't get coverage for those pre-existing conditions.
Because of HIPAA policy, which group catastrophic health plans are subject to, you can't be left without enrollment or coverage, but may possibly have to wait for pre-existing condition coverage, depending on your former health insurance policy.
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