Top Reasons for Choosing WordPress As A Web Development Platform

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Whether you are just starting your business or you are learning for improving the business online presence or you had a poor designed site that is not doing great, or you heard about the WordPress development platform or might be wondering what the WordPress is. WordPress come in existence as a blogging platform and now it is highly used as a website designing too. There a list of popular brands that have designed their website in WordPress. Some of the these comprise  CNN, PlayStation, New York Times Blogs and like these. So, it is quite clear that popular brands are getting good response from this designing platform, then why can't you. Still dubious about WordPress development. Find the strong point that is pretty impressive to make you think about it again.

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WordPress is not mere blogging platform- WordPress is one of the biggest blogging platform and it is quite free for folks. But, this is becoming one of the largest platform for website development. Before some time if someone have said "WordPress" everyone have thought of blogging. It has come a long way and this have become a very comprehensive content management system suited to power different type of website like eCommerce, news board, simple business page or like this.

WordPress is not going anywhere- According to the figures, WordPress powers over 14 percent website on World Wide Web. And, in 2011 more than 22% website has been developed in WordPress. The reason is simple, it is open source, readily available templates, easy interface make it easy to use for designing and development.

Cost Effective- It is open source, so it is free for everybody. Anyone can use it for free. If, you go for design a customize website, it will cost a lot; but, if you go with WordPress, it allows you to customize it and plug-ins add more function & features in the webpage. These plug-ins are small program that attach to the larger program to increase the functions on the page. These plug-ins are also open source that's why it can be used for free of cost.

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Flexibility- WordPress is highly flexible. It is open source and flexible too so, anyone can make changes in the source code according to their need. Well, the templates are available on the web are great as a whole large community of designers, developers, experts is working together to develop a world class applications. This is the reason that there is no need to make any change in the source code and plug-ins can help to increase the function and features.

Search Engine Friendly- WordPress is already designed according to the search engines guidelines in order for better indexing of the website. But, hiring professional WordPress developers services can help in building a completely Search Engine Friendly website. These websites often rank well on the SERP without any hard work.
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