Advice in Surviving Marine Boot Camp

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Surviving Marine boot camp can truly be the greatest achievement in your life, it is something that you really should be proud of.
They say that the Marine Corps boot camp is the closest thing to a hard labor prison.
There are some things you can definitely to make it through.
I think there's a vast difference between an unprepared and prepared recruit.
As you enter the USMC and have a taste of what it's really like to be a Marine, you'll probably think that you entered hell but remember that the reason why you have to undergo all that stuff is because you have to be converted from a civilian to a soldier.
You need to come out tough.
It will get better as the weeks go by and you'll start getting used to it.
The most important thing to do in surviving Marine boot camp is learning how to keep your mouth shut.
Never argue with your drill instructor and never ask him why because if you do, you'll be in trouble.
Follow his orders no matter what it is.
Another thing to remember- never smile at or within the sight of your DI.
You are not privileged to look happy in the boot camp.
The logic behind the strictness in the Marine boot camp is for you to learn how to take orders and carry them out as quickly and accurate as possible because experience will tell you that in combat, you don't get a second chance.
You blow it once, you cannot say "can I do it again?".
If you don't follow orders, you'll get punished or worst the whole platoon might get punished.
Another thing you have to take care of when it comes to surviving Marine Boot Camp is your physical readiness.
A lot of recruits fail because they are not physically ready.
You might be physically fit but are you fit for the Marines?
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