Many Secrets Of Affiliate Marketing Of Successful Affiliates - Part Two

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The main reasons why many successful affiliates succeed can be found in their techniques and habits. These are the true secrets of affiliate marketing. Outstanding affiliates often develop a system that can be duplicated so that their efforts are multiplied for maximum results. Let us take a look at this second part which talks about some of these affiliate marketing secrets employed.

1. Collection of Email Addresses

Top affiliates never waste their traffic. They make sure that they gather the email addresses of their visitors from their websites or advertisements. Very often, they would offer something of value to their visitors. For more details This can be a free report, software, or even free newsletter subscription in exchange for their email addresses. The whole dynamics is to ensure that they can follow up closely even with prospects who do not buy the affiliate product on the first round.

2. Widening Their Marketing Net

Successful affiliate marketers do not just rely on one source of traffic. They are practically everywhere. Whether it is PPC, ezine advertising, article marketing, social bookmarking and so on, they are marketing using these methods. PPC remains the top favourite of many affiliates due to the instant traffic factor but things are getting a bit expensive at the major PPC search networks like Adwords and Yahoos Overture. Always do some homework and look around for good bargains at the less popular ezines and PPC networks like GoClick.

3. SEO Practices

Some affiliates vow that SEO is the main website promotion method for them. Search engine traffic is the most targeted traffic you can ever get as an affiliate. Work on optimizing on-page and off-page factors and use your meta-tags properly to include the targeted keywords.

4. Mailing Lists

Super affiliates have their own newsletters to presell their customers. Think about your newsletters as a way to communicate and building relationship with your prospects. You are not only selling one item to them but giving them valuable information. For more details They are your friends and if you can consistently give them useful information to help them in their businesses, they will give you business.

By now, we have covered the top 9 secrets of affiliate marketing successful affiliate marketers are using to outdo their competition. Duplicate their methods, refine and test them and you could be joining their league earlier than you expected. If these 9 affiliate marketing secrets are not enough, download my free report that spills it all about tips and secrets of how affiliates are making tons of money.
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