List of Popular French Foods & Dishes

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    • There is more to French food than thin pancakes.ardoise image by pucci raf from

      French food has a reputation for among the most exquisite food in the world. Some of the most popular French foods and dishes have become worldwide standards for great food. Much of what is considered French food began as regional favorites that gradually moved into the mainstream of the country and then into the mainstream of haute cuisine served at fine restaurants around the world.

    Quiche Lorraine

    • Quiche Lorraine originated in the Alsace Lorraine region of France. This particularly tart quiche consists of a pastry covered with diced bacon, eggs and cream. It is baked in the oven and is best when served hot. To make an authentic quiche Lorraine, leave out the cheese.

    Beef Bourguignon

    • Beef Bourguignon gets its name from its regional birthplace in Burgundy. Red Burgundy wine is an essential ingredient and is added to choice Charolais beef, cut into cubes, sliced carrots and onions. The key to making this iconic piece of Burgundy-based French food is to let it cook for at least two hours in beef stock mixed with the wine. Near the end you should add some sliced mushrooms, cooked bacon and fried onions.

    Coq Au Vin

    • Also hailing from the Burgundy region of France is a dish called Coq Au Vin. If you have ever eaten something that you heard described as Cocovan, it is the same thing.

      Coq Au Vin consists of chicken marinated overnight in wine with onions and carrots. The next day the meat and vegetables are browned in a garlic mix into which the marinade is strained.

      The secret of great Coq Au Vin lies in the proper amount of simmering. You want to do this until both the meat and sauce turn almost black.

      Once again, bacon pieces are an essential addition to a French dish and you can add in some pearl onions and mushrooms just before serving.


    • The very pronunciation of bouillabaisse brings to mind the essence of French cooking. What began as a just an easy way for French fishermen to use the leftovers of their catch by making a stew has, over time, become a very expensive French dish served in restaurants only when you can give 24 hours notice.

      The exact recipe for bouillabaisse varies according to the chef as a dozen different kinds of fish may be found in the soup served at various restaurants.

      The primary ingredients for stylish bouillabaisse revolve around the presence of conger eel, scorpion fish and gurnard. The fish stock includes onions, leeks and tomatoes. The potatoes are best added just before serving.

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