Tips for Comcast & a Cisco DVR

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    Live Event Programming

    • Live event information is subject to the standard schedule posted by the networks. Comcast relays that information via its guide program. Because programs can run overtime, program your Cisco DVR to extend the time it will record in order to catch the ending of the program. Cisco DVRs let you record a live event for a longer period of time than the scheduled broadcast.

    Descrambling Devices

    • Comcast requires your Cisco DVR to have an "M" or "G" card in order to read the Comcast signal. Like all cable companies, Comcast scrambles its signal to keep non-subscribers from stealing the product. The cards allow the DVR to receive the signal clearly. Occasionally, depending on your area, the card is not enough to make the DVR read all the channels, with HD channels seeming to cause the most trouble. In this case, request a tuner box from Comcast as well. With the tuner box and the card, the cable company can make sure your DVR has the most up-to-date unscrambling information to keep it working properly with current programming. If you are having new problems and have had your DVR for a long time, check with Comcast about getting a new "M" or "G" card.

    On Demand Issues

    • On Demand is another form of problem for some DVRs. On Demand lets you start and stop certain shows or movies at your leisure by clicking on them from a menu. If you are using a Cisco box provided by Comcast, it typically works fine with the On Demand features of cable, such as movie and premium channels. If you're using your own DVR, you may or may not be able to use the functions of On Demand. In this case, you'll need a secondary cable box in whatever rooms you will be accessing the On Demand programming from, and you will not be able to record those programs to DVR.

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