Gameroom Painting Ideas

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    • Paint the walls to look like a giant puzzle. Add dark lines at the edge of the pieces, and paint them into a cheerful picture. In a big room, paint a different puzzle on each wall, using different colors.


    • Paint scenes with dinosaurs if kids will be using the gameroom. Use greens and browns to create natural landscapes. Paint some dinosaurs close-up and others at a distance. Kids will love the theme, and the natural colors will suit adults well too.


    • Paint fluffy clouds with rainbows extending between them, and a sun shining in the background. Make some rainbows fainter and others more vivid. Paint birds flying as well, and if you like, paint a country scene below with a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.


    • Use handprints to create designs like trees, hearts, and other simple shapes. Have all members of the family take turns coating their palms in paint and then stamping them onto the wall as directed. Leave space between the prints so they each stand out. Then, create a border on the top and bottom of the wall with handprints, or random designs like big wavy lines and spirals scrolling around the walls.

    Chalkboard Paint

    • Use chalkboard paint on the walls so kids can draw on them, as Home Decorating Coach suggests, or keep score on them. Then your decor will continually change, and the room will have a relaxed, lived-in feel.


    • Turn your game room into a submarine, as Better Homes and Gardens suggests. Create big, rounded windows, and an underwater scene showing through them: As shown on the website, you could paint a blue whale and octopus tentacles showing through the windows.

    Textured Paint

    • Use textured paints in different colors, blending them into one another in a gradient, for a highly textured look. For instance, use red paint in the upper left corner of a wall, fading into orange below and yellow to the right. In other words, make the flow of colors irregular rather than linear. Use a sponging technique to add different hues within each color to create more dimension. Don’t forget to paint the ceiling too, for a cohesive look.

    Grown-Up Game Room

    • For a classy, more grown-up look, paint the room in a solid color and add accents with silver or gold paint. Dark red or blue work well for large rooms. Use silver or gold in the border, windows, and other accents. Add a bold complementary color for window treatments, lampshades, and rugs, or keep the monochromatic look.

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