To Save Your Relationship You First Need to Define It

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In order for a relationship to be healthy, it has to be defined.
So many relationships fail because both people have different ideas and expectations of the sort of relationship they are in.
If you think that marriage and kids and happy ever after are on the cards and your partner thinks it's just a fling then you're going to have issues.
A broken heart and misery are what's waiting for those who don't define their relationships.
Each of us thinks that what we do is normal.
But what's normal to us isn't always normal to someone else.
We are all different, and have different needs, desires and fears.
It's these strengths and weaknesses that make defining a relationship necessary.
You may not know it but each of us uses ourselves as a template for how how everyone else should behave.
On certain levels we interpret that other people want the same things as us and that they feel the same way we do.
On a conscious level we know this isn't really the case.
If a relationship is going well then we tend to let this behavior happen even more.
If everyone appears happy then why would you want to examine your expectations.
We tend only to examine things when they go wrong and relationships are no different.
The earlier you define the relationship the better.
Both of you may be happy with your relationship but for different reasons.
If you don't define your relationship early then your setting yourself up for a whole lot of pain and resentment later on.
By defining your relationship you are taking control of it.
It will allow you to see where you are now and where you are heading with your partner.
This gives rise to a healthy and strong relationship because you're both on the same page instead of going in opposite directions until someone eventually snaps.
Defining a relationship isn't always easy.
It can be awkward to talk about certain things and there is always the fear that you may have completely different ideas of what your relationship is and the direction it is heading.
You have to work past these types of worries because they are insignificant in the end.
Making an effort to better define the relationship is actually a positive action in itself.
Sure there's a small chance you many get hurt but it almost always makes a relationship stronger.
If you're having these types of problems, don't worry because you're not the first.
As a result there is lots of help available.
Remember defining a relationship is one of the best things you can do and it really is worth the effort.
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