How to Choose an MBA Electives Track

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    • 1). Consider your academic and career goals. If you're interested in a career in international business and you want to work in Latin America, choose courses in Spanish, Latin American Business or other courses which relate to this career goal. Or if you want to start a public relations firm, take courses in marketing, media relations and public speaking.

    • 2). Talk with your graduate school advisor. Tell her what your interests and career goals are and ask for suggestions on choosing the right electives track that will benefit your academic experience and help you build a successful career. If the advisor recommends you take a few art history courses because you plan to own a nonprofit arts organization for the purpose of providing funds to local art gallery owners, consider her advice.

    • 3). Talk to professors and former students who took the electives you're interested in. If you want to take a course called Coffee Trade in the 21st Century, meet with the professor who teaches the course, and ask him about the goals of the course, what aspects of the coffee trade will be taught to students, what his career background is and how this course will benefit you in a future career within that industry. Also ask former students of this course if they benefited from it and what they didn't like about it.

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