What Are the Symptoms of a Broken Motor Mount on a Toyota Paseo?

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    • The Toyota Paseo has a number of parts that can wear out over time. The motor mounts are flexible assemblies that hold the Paseo's engine in its place in the engine bay of the vehicle. The motor mounts also help absorb some of the noise and vibration created by the engine. The motor mounts can fail over time, causing some obvious symptoms to manifest themselves.

    Engine Shake

    • If a motor mount has broken in a Toyota Paseo, the mount is no longer holding the engine in place. You will begin to feel the vehicle shake from the engine moving, since the engine mount is no longer securing it. The shaking becomes more severe as more power is applied. If you open the Paseo's hood while the car is idling you will be able to see the engine moving from the broken motor mount.

    Exhaust Leaks

    • Since the Toyota Paseo has a transversely mounted engine, if an engine mount breaks the engine will rock front to back in the car's engine bay. This movement can cause damage to the car's exhaust system to the point that it begins to leak. If you suddenly notice a loud sound coming from under the Paseo it could be due to a broken or leaking exhaust. Sometimes exhaust leaks make no noise. Leave the car idling and place your hand several inches from the vehicle's tail pipe. An exhaust leak will decrease the flow of exhaust coming out of the car's tail pipe, or if severe enough, will completely eliminate it.


    • A Paseo with a broken motor mount can produce a number of noises. The engine is able to move more than it was designed to, meaning that it can bump into other components in the engine bay. Paseos have relatively quiet engines, so rattling or banging noises coming from the engine compartment of the car should cause concern and raise suspicions that a motor mount has failed.

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