"Solar Panels and Solar Water Heaters For Everyone" Said Jimmy Carter

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Jimmy Carter believed we could remove our dependency on foreign oil, and from the use of fossil fuels by using more solar energy, he was a big fan of solar water heaters in fact.
A good book on this subject is: "Who Owns the Sun" but it is so anti-energy companies, you have to read it with a grain of salt, still it has all the history of it all, going back to the big movement of solar water heaters.
The Aztecs were not so stupid after all.
The use of solar panels for distributive energy has been beaten to death, no matter how many times one assimilates the laundry list of this subject, or trying to fit all the technologies into one solution, well that is well known.
Jimmy Carter wanted to give everyone a solar water heater, compliments of the government.
So, the concept of taking the money we are using as corporate welfare, and the tax incentives to energy companies to build infrastructure, and divert it to home owners to put up solar back-up was interesting, and Jimmy Carter had apparently, put a lot of thought into this.
Still, if we were to do this today, it would feed the Germans, Chinese, and Japanese companies that make most of the solar panels.
And the Germans, well, no taxpayer money should go to German companies, as many of their companies are busy selling weapons to our enemies, and the German Government merely slaps them with a small fine.
There is so much more to the reality.
The DOE is correct, we need oil and coal.
That's not going to change overnight.
We have cheap oil for now, and lots of coal.
Sure, we could revise Carter's concepts, but would that really be the right thing to do with taxpayer's money? Please consider all this.
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