Top 4 River Cruises

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River cruises are becoming ever more popular as people want something different.
The river cruise offers the obvious advantage that you will always be able to see land and the lack of the rocking motion that causes sea sickness.
Many river cruise destinations are ones that the average tourist would otherwise have no way of visiting.
Many companies offer river cruises but they can't just use the standard cruise ships.
A river cruise usually offers a smaller ship and more intimate setting.
River Nile cruise The river Nile is perhaps the most famous river in the world.
From this river you can explore the treasures of Egypt from pyramids to the local riches.
You will usually join the river Nile cruise at a big city location such as Luxor or Aswan.
From here you will cruise down the Nile taking in the sites, sounds and smells of Egypt.
There will be numerous stops as you cruise down the Nile and plenty to see from the Valley of the Kings to the Aswan High Dam, and the temple of Philae.
River Yangtze The river Yangtze in china will take you through some of this magical and fascinating land.
You will travel from the modern china into the countryside where the locals still have traditional beliefs and practices.
You will likely visit cities such as Beijing, Xi'an and Tibet.
The only way to see china is by the river Yangtze.
Mekong River cruise The Mekong River meanders through South East Asia and offers a fascinating incite into this extraordinary land.
The Mekong River rises in the mountains of Tibet, flows through SW China and Burma, marks the border between Thailand and Laos, and meanders through Cambodia and Vietnam.
Some of the scenery and sights along the river cruise are truly breathe taking and unbelievable.
Sydney harbour Sydney harbour is a scene that anybody can picture in their mind.
The river tour around Sydney harbour offers some of the best views of the harbour, the bridge and the opera house.
The ships used to tour around the harbour area are typically small, featuring maybe 60 cabins, all with air conditioning and decorated to a very high standard.
Because of its proximity to the shore the ship is more like a floating hotel with a chance of a shore excursion practically whenever you like! A river tour is something slightly different to your average sea bound cruise and a river cruise may be just what you are looking for.
The cruise often offers destinations that can't be reached by other means.
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