Three Signs Your Car Should Go to Junk Yards

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The decision to sell your car to a junk or scrap yard is a difficult one. You've likely been with your car for a while and giving it up for good may be emotionally troublesome as well as financially so.
However, quality junk yards in Florida will pay you a fair amount of money for your car to help you on the way to purchasing a new one. If you feel it's time to give up your car, it's comforting to know this option exists.
Before you drive off to the nearest junk yard, however, consider the following three things before deciding to sell your car. If any of these signs sound like your situation, it may be time to get a new car.
1. Maintenance Costs Are Starting to Add Up
After a point, repairs to your car are going to be more expensive than the car is worth. If you could make a monthly payment for the same amount you're putting out in expenses to repair the car, you may consider selling your car to a junk yard and buying a new one.
Remember, not only are you losing money on maintenance repairs, you're also losing time. Even if you don't do the repairs yourself, you're losing time while your car is in the shop or being towed.
2. Your Car's Value Is Going Down
Cars depreciate notoriously quickly. In fact, the insurance company Farm State estimates that a car traditionally loses almost half its value during the first three years of ownership. You could actually save more money by switching to a fuel-efficient care than by trading in your old one after the three-year mark.
If you've been driving your car for more than five years, chances are it is no longer worth the amount of money it takes to keep it running.
3. Your Finances Are in Good Order
In order to afford a new car, your finances must be in order. If you feel you can afford a monthly payment and not lose any more money than you are now with an old car, it may be worth it to trade in your old car.
Draw up a quick budget to better understand how much money you're putting towards your current car.
Finding the Right Junk Yard
If you've considered these three questions and decided it's time your car took a final trip to the junk yard, you need to find the right scrap yard.
Start by investigating junk yards in Florida online or by asking friends and family. Be sure to check out resources like and to make sure your potential junk yard stacks up in the eyes of customers.
You can also drive your car around and get different quotes from different junk yards in Florida [] to help you make your decision.
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