Greek-Style Breakfast Wraps with Olives and Feta

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For those of you familiar with Greek cuisine as a whole, you’ll notice that there really aren’t breakfast items. This is because Greeks usually skip this meal. Instead, they settle for some coffee and then pop on over to a pastry shop around 10 or 11am and get something like a cheese pie.

It may seem different, especially since a lot of us may have been told that, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Rest assured, you’ll be able to find something to eat around breakfast time, but take note that it might be among other tourists and not every place will be open.

Part of our quest to explore Greek food is also creating “Greek inspired dishes.” Creating foods that showcase and or highlight the ingredients and flavors found within Greece. For breakfast foods, you really need to improvise. While you may find the usual continental breakfast when staying in hotels, there isn’t much else. Sometimes they will also serve Greek yogurt, since tourists tend to eat yogurt in the mornings, but to a Greek, yogurt and honey is a dessert.

For this recipe, we were focusing on peppers, kalamata olives, and of course, feta. We also made sure to stay true to the overall concept of Mediterranean food - keeping it healthy.  Hence the use of egg whites and multigrain tortillas. As with any recipe, treat this as a base and modify to your taste.

We’ve served this to friends who aren’t fans of turkey sausage, and they felt there was so many flavors at work, they didn’t mind and loved the wrap. However, if you’re not too confident, please sub for any choice of meat you desire.

Additionally, we added some peppers for a mild spice, but you don’t have to. Or if you want something with a bigger kick - add some jalapeños or your favorite peppers.
As always, we hope you like this and that you'll give this a try next time you are looking to make a new breakfast on a lazy Sunday.

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