Impact of Recession on Indian Economy and New hopes for Indian Business

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Who says Indian economy affect by recession? Perhaps Indian economy is shining!!!

Here are three broad reasons, why I am very hopeful about Indian economy outburst the recession bubble.

Can Tata Nano affect Indian Economy? (Expected revenue generation 100, 000 cr Rs for next three year)

Indian General Election-2009, impact on Indian Economy. (20.000 cr Rs pour in to market)

IPL revenue up by Rs 1,725 cr Rs, set to earn Rs 10,790 cr Rs in second season 2009.

This three are milestone examples for future Indian economy, which really boost the local trade and improvise the market situation. Very first time Indian economy feel such a great confidence since the independence, we are no more reliable on other Global Economical support, if we will analyze proper sources, situation and our financial pundit made proper economical strategy to tackle the current recession situation. The impact of recession on Indian economy is defiantly playing an important role, but we are not washed out easily. Service, Banking and aviation industry is not only source to proof any country is economically strong. Here I would like to discuss current economical booster for Indian economy.

Tata's Nano:

The impact of Tata industry and its business policy is deeply impact on Indian economy is very well known by each Indian, the recent launch of Nano (one Lakh Rs. Car) not just dream for ordinary Indian, which brings new hopes and opportunity for Indian automobile sector. Indian economy is not just dependent any particular sector, the key to success is lies behind its low cost and high efficient manufacturing segment. Service industry specifically IT and BPO may face the problem due to global recession but Mfg. segment is real strength of any economy as well as chunk amount of purchasing power hold by strong and matured Indian market. The expected revenue generation by nano project will be around 100. 000 cr Rs. for next three years and over 20 thousand new job openings sound strange but no more dreams for Tata.

Indian general election-2009:

The forthcoming general election - 2009, which is a very big political, social and economical event in the Indian history. The Economical Experts predicts that over 10, 000 cr. Rs. poured in to open Indian market due to election purpose in 2009. The Financial penetration through middle class as well as lower class is enormous due to money enters in to open market through Election system. The spending capacity and purchasing power of those classes will be expected to soar due to business exchange. We observe the lowest inflation rate for this financial quarter as compare for last five years. Indian General Election brings new hopes, opportunities, and financial empowerment through out all segments of society. The overall financial churns and forth coming economical policy make the huge differences in the future of Indian economy.

Indian Premier League - 2009:

In my last year article about IPL-Money Game, I was just discussed about of IPL Business model, their source of revenue generation, their business partners and Integration of marketing mix. At that time no one can able to think about how IPL is influenced on Indian Sports and Entertainment industry and their connection to Indian Economy. The second season of IPL is held at South Africa in the third week of April. The expected white revenue generation is around 10,790 cr Rs. IPL - 2009 brings new hopes, opportunities, integration of various business model.

These three events, I discuss in this article, really make a huge impact on Indian economical status in the future. The financial condition of Indian business is going to improvise due to domestic empowerment of consumer's purchasing power and their consumption trends. We will control global meltdown around our economical condition and make us self dependent and strong enough. If we devise Business model as per local requirement for own consumption then we will be able to make a huge impact on international economy.
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