How to Read Double Layer DVDs

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    • 1). Power on your DVD player and open the disc tray. Place the double-layer DVD into the disc tray just as you would a single-layer DVD and close the tray. In most instances, the DVD will boot up automatically and the DVD menu will appear on the screen.

    • 2). Remove the double-layer DVD from the DVD player and place it in the DVD drive of your computer, if your DVD player cannot read it. If you already have a media player installed on the computer that can read DVD movies from discs, the player will generally launch automatically and the DVD will open in the player window.

    • 3). Go to the DVD drive to open the DVD, if the DVD doesn't open automatically in a media player. To get to the drive on a Windows system, go to the "Start" menu, click "Computer," and find the DVD drive in the drive list. On a Mac, go to the desktop and the DVD will appear as an icon.

    • 4). Right-click the DVD drive from the drive list or the DVD icon on the desktop and choose "Open With" from the menu. Select one of the applications shown in the "Open With" list to open the DVD in that program.

    • 5). Download a DVD player application for your computer if no appropriate programs come up in the "Open With" list. Free applications that can play DVDs on a Windows computer include VideoLAN's VLC Player and Media Player Classic (see Resources). Free DVD player applications for Macs include the VLC Player and Apple DVD Player (see Resources).

    • 6). Install the DVD player to your Windows system by double-clicking the program icon in the "Downloads" folder and following the screen instructions, or on a Mac system by double-clicking the program icon on the desktop to unpack it ,and then dragging the unpacked icon to the "Applications" folder. Once the program is installed, reinsert the DVD into the DVD drive and allow the program to read the disc automatically, or right-click the DVD, choose "Open With" and select the new program from the list.

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