How to Format a Sansa Fuze From a PC

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    • 1). Connect the Sansa Fuze to your computer through its proprietary USB cable.

    • 2). Click "Start" and select "Computer" from the list of items shown.

    • 3). Right-click the "Sansa Fuze" entry from the left pane; select the "Format" option.

    • 4). Select "FAT32" from the list of file system options. Optionally, mark "Quick Format" with a check-box. Enabling this feature creates a new file table but does not completely remove all data. Instead, deleted data is overwritten slowly as new files are stored in the device.

    • 5). Click "Start" to format the Sansa Fuze media player. Click "OK" to proceed with the selected options.

    • 6). Click "Close" once Windows finishes formatting the device.

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