How to Cut Windshield Glass

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    • 1). Protect the automobile's surface area--especially the curved part of the shield--with tarp. This will help prevent glass shards and other material from scratching the car's surface.

    • 2). Determine how much glass should be cut. Outline the area you need to cut with a band of blue, 2-inch masking tape. Double layer the tape on the inside and outside of the glass.

    • 3). Trace lines onto the tape where you will make cuts.

    • 4). With a saber saw, cut only on the lines that you have marked from the outside of the glass. Cut with a smooth motion to prevent the saber saw from overworking.

    • 5). Carefully push the glass out of place. Have an assistant catch the windshield glass from the outside to keep it from falling and breaking.

    • 6). Smooth the windshield's cut edges. Apply 80-grit paper in a palm sander and turn the setting to 220 for a smooth finish, and begin working the sander around the edge of the glass once. Take breaks at five-minute intervals to prevent the sander from overheating and cracking the glass.

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