The Effects Of The Allergies To The Eyes And Efficient Treatment Methods

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Allergies are genetic and have lots of variety.
The ones that cause eye problems are usually a result of sensitiveness to dust, pollen, animal hair and contact lenses.
When the allergic individual is exposed to these things, his/her body starts to overreact.
His/her eyes become itchy, red and watery and have a runny nose.
Some types of allergies do not affect the eyes but may cause skin, stomach problems.
There are lots of allergens in the air that the individuals cannot avoid.
Especially dust allergies can make a person's life uncomfortable.
It is almost impossible to live in a dust free environment.
Their goal has to be to minimize the level of the dust and use hypoallergenic products, clothes, linens, etc.
Allergies can also be seasonal.
In spring, flowers and trees start their pollination period and with the air they transfer the pollen.
Some people are allergenic to these pollens and their eyes overreact against them.
Because of watery and itchy eyes they will need to wink and scratch their eyes all the time.
The non-hygienic and extended use of contact lenses may bring out eye allergies as well.
Also the scratches and the dust on the lens are the reasons of watery eyes.
The contact lens user must wash his/her hands before putting and removing his/her lenses and keep them in sterilized contact lens solution during the night.
Although allergenic eyes can be annoying, this problem can be controlled with medication and other treatment methods.
Allergies make the body release a hormone called histamine, which is the reason for the watery eyes.
Antihistamine pills reduce the allergy symptoms and relieve the allergenic individuals.
The new medication technology managed to minimize the sedative effects of antihistamines that make the patients sleepy.
There are also quick effect antihistamines available that reduce the allergy symptoms within minutes.
Decongestants help to obstruct the watering in the eyes.
The vasoconstrictor that they contain, reduces the redness and bloody look of the eye.
However it is not recommended to use these eye drops continually because of its addictive feature.
The extended use of decongestants may make allergenic eyes even worse and redder.
For the ones who do not want to experience the side effects of allergy medicines, can try homeopathy as an alternative treatment.
Homeopathy is a natural treatment and does not have any side effects.
They can be bought in one-doze tubes in almost every pharmacy.
These tubes contain round small pieces that melt on the tongue within seconds.
All these treatment methods are not permanent solutions for allergies.
They just reduce the symptoms and relieve the patient.
Best solution is to avoid the allergenic substances and situations if it is possible.
Covering the nose and mouth with a mask can be helpful to prevent dust, pollen and animal hair.
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