Unveiling The Future Through Astrology In India And Other Sciences Of Palm Reading And Numerology

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The concept of astrology can be traced back to the third century BC. Astrology in India was and still remains extremely essential part of lives of Hindus. All the auspicious and respected rituals and work take place according to astrology predictions right from the naming ceremony of a new born to deciding marriages, starting a new business or to buy a new place astrology plays a extremely crucial role. The foundation of which goes back to the Vedic scriptures, it is known as jyotisha, which fundamentally means lightly heavenly body. It consists of three branches namely siddhantha which refers to the Indian astronomy. Samhita which is referred as mundane astronomy, which helps in predicting events like earthquakes, political events, financial status, Vastu Shastra, omens and things as such.

Astrology prediction can be helpful in sorting out many issues knowing about an individual's personality, about successful areas. To know about the good and bad times, in short to know about the future and to bring it to your advantage.

Astrology involves various other fields connected with its basic concept. One of which is numerology. It involves all metaphysical sciences, but it does not have a long history. It is a recent discovery involving astrology and prediction, but it is one of the most easily accessible means of prediction. It mainly involves numbers. They help in reflecting various characteristics. One needs only birth date to know many things, which are with held. Numbers have the tendency to show a lot about an individual's character, purpose in life, talents in a person. It also helps pick you proper names and help you to have a life with fewer problems and more of luck and certainty is ensured. You can find your destiny number, lucky number, auspicious date for an event or anything concerning your professional and personal life.

Palm reading
From ancient times, the astrologers studied the future through the technique of palm reading. It is a mere process or a medium of foretelling an individual's future, which is done by studying the imprints or patterns of lines or marks on the palm. It is also known as chiromancy. It interprets the various pattern and other line formations on the fingers and palm, which keeps changing it will help to know the state of a person, both physically and emotionally.

Horoscope is a celestial map which again helps in predicting future by calculating the position of celestial bodies with respect to each other. It varies from one individual to another and is based on various information from the date of birth to the time of death, etc. The horoscope chart is extremely famous as it depicts the complete placement of the different planets and predicts likewise. The chart consists of four main components which consist of planets, zodiac sign, aspects and houses. It depicts the powerful aspects that are involved.

We have several astrology consultants specializing in various aspects such as numerology, palm reading and horoscope features. Day to day predictions is also done by them.
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