Formula For Getting Rich - Works Like a Charm

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There is in fact a formula for getting rich.

I discovered it about 5 years ago and it changed my life forever.

So many people in our society are brought up with limiting beliefs about money.

Some of these beliefs include:

* Money is scarce.
* Anyone with money is evil.
* You have to work hard just to get by.
* It's the early bird who gets the worm.
* There's just not enough to go around.

First of all, money is not real.

It's only value is what we agree that it is.

Therefore, the way to get rich is to use your head and create value.

Furthermore, the nature of the universe is such that abundance is infinite.

Money is abundant.

Money is a representation of value, therefore, people with money are proving value to the world.

Hard work is not at all necessary in creating wealth.

In fact, it can be counter intuitive.

You are going to use your brain and think creatively in order to get rich.

There are an infinite number of opportunities.

There is never any hurry when you are getting rich on the creative plane.

The world is teeming with resources.

The visible supply is almost limitless, and the invisible supply literally is limitless.

So what is the formula for getting rich?

It is very simple.

In order to get rich with mathematical precision you simply need to know what you want and go for it.

That is a rather obvious statement, however how many people do you know who live by it?

People don't allow themselves to want what they really want because they don't believe in their ability to realize it.

You do though.

And You will realize it.

I look forward to meeting You there.


This has been a presentation on the formula for getting rich.

My name is Jon Staiger and I aspire to help people create the life of their dreams.
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