What the Entrepreneurs Should Know About Branding

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Despite having good quality products, good competitive price and good customer support, there are some businesses that are still not getting enough conversion and sales. How could that be? Well, a reality check of the matter is if your brand is quite new, it's unlikely that customers would visit your site. You see, established companies get to be where they are now because of the brand that they have nourished over time and made it to be as well known as it currently is. Apart from being acknowledged by customers, this brand has also gained the respect of its competitors.

There are many entrepreneurs from Australia who are successful with their small business due largely to a combination of a good eCommerce website design and of course, their expertise garnered from their years of experience in the business industry. These people able to integrate online marketing with branding skills through to their long exposure and business passion.

So, if you happen to be a new entrepreneur, it's vital that you must first comprehend the importance of business branding listed below to guarantee a good market presence.

1. Provides Ascending Growth of Customers

It's estimated that for a recall to happen, consumers need to see a brand ten times. That said, you can conclude that having a consistent brand across platform can help your target market to remember you sooner with long term memory. This means that it's not enough just to limit your online presence to your website or social media account. Going even beyond company network, your brand should give your company more than 10,000 stat impressions from eCommerce solutions like local classified ads, local community forums and blogs.
2. Branding Leads to Word of Mouth Marketing

Never underestimate the power of emotions. Use this weapon to make your brand relate to your target consumers. For example, have an ad that shows good family values based from their culture or tradition. You would be amazed at how effective this is once it's the emotions that gets hit or rather, touched. An example of this is a multinational telephone business who established their presence in the local market by using familiar day-to-day family interactions based on their culture and tradition. The video went viral on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. All it takes is just one ad that contains the right elements to touch your target consumers. The best part is you don't have to do much to gain exposure as they would be the ones sharing the ad themselves in their social media accounts. How's that for free publicity?
3. Convey Thousand Messages within a Short Time Frame

This is easier said than done. How do you exactly nail the right words or image to convey the right message at such a short time frame? This is where your logo, tag line and website concept design come in. All three must be catchy enough to attract your target market and powerful enough to make an impact. In other words, as they say, you need to have a "Picture that Speaks a Thousand Words" and a "Monalisa" painting to evoke a lasting impression.

4. Branding Helps Product Expansion
Think the likes of Apple's iPod, iPad and iPhone. All three are successful products under the Apple brand. The first product developed was the iPod which clicked with the target market because well, honestly, who wouldn't love having the freedom to play your choice of music played for hours and hours? It was so phenomenal that it virtually wiped out the MP3s. When the iPad and the iPhone came, it's no wonder why many people all over the world are up to purchasing it albeit the hefty cost. They had a good user experience with the iPod so in their minds, they believe that the iPad and iPhone are just as equally good, if not even better.

5. Boosts the Company Reputation
If you have a popular brand, of course, your company would gain fame too. This means more recommendations through social media, conferences, bloggers community and even word of mouth. Bear in mind that promoting brand awareness can take time and is a continual process but the gains are very rewarding. Again, let's take Apple an example. They first started with the iPod then some years later, iPad came and still after a few years, the iPhone came out. Everything happened over time but because consumers found the products to be very good, their reputation flourished. With the arrival of their iPhone which is one of the contributors to open a whole new era of mobile technology, the Apple brand has earned a place in world innovation history.

So you see the pattern? Whether you have a small or big business, the same principle applies. It's your brand that creates a distinction from the rest of your competitors. Note that your brand is what guides your corporate profile and business structure, which can extend to the appearance of your building and office decorations. Common tools to showcase your brand are your company's eCommerce website development, creation of product labels and printing of marketing collateral. If you have developed a brand that's widely accepted by your target market, you have already attained what's considered to be a lifetime achievement.
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