How to Get Parents to Approve of Boyfriends

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    • 1). Talk to your parents honestly about your boyfriend and focus on his positive qualities. The more you can talk up your boyfriend's successes and personality, the more likely your parents will be receptive to him.

    • 2). Address your parents' questions and concerns honestly. Saying that your boyfriend is 18 when he's really 30 will turn your parents against him right away once they realize the deception. The more honest you are, the better the odds they'll respect your choices in who you date.

    • 3). Schedule a meeting between your boyfriend and your parents. They'll need to meet him to form their own opinions and possibly to get over any prejudices they have.

    • 4). Brief your boyfriend about your parents' personalities and what they do and don't respond well to. He should be well-dressed and respectful when he meets them. A bad first impression could be disastrous in your parents ever accepting him.

    • 5). Express your feelings about your boyfriend to your parents if they continue to disapprove. If you sincerely love him and tell them so, they may be more willing to give him a chance to win their approval and be less critical.

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