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I want to challenge you to get out your seat the moment come take me bout as a pastor we feel godliness to join the church would love to have you we would love to have you summer you have spouses and friends are almost as a group and they're going to die and go to hell with that Jesus Christ in your burden about them bring it to Jesus bring it to Jesus wanton preach the gospel hard hit me next Sunday and I will challenge you do what you got to do to bring those precious people to get on Osama the gospel bring it to Jesus bring a burden to Jesus so we got some big decisions in your life bring it to Jesus you do today bring it to him bring it to Father in Heaven what operates we going to stop invitation spirit got that you.
're moving away they can only be explained by the president and the power and the calling of God older Holy Spirit move in this place touch lives save souls bring families and our membership God continue to do great things in our church we're going to give you all the praise and all the glory because you're that God who loves and cares and whose worthy of praise Spirit of God move now and this time abet Asian in Jesus name we pray Amen steady beat right now and you can does but and you on the mica you Mattie thank you JP hey I've been blessed by left right now what would you a man would only be a don't leave yet take you bob was a go to john chapter eight tonight John chapter 8 and we are continuing our study through the Gospel.
John on Sunday mornings an ALMS Sunday nightstand so we look together in John a and verse wont John chapter 8 and virtual view of a cop you got were just look right front view are we have some Bible right there %mute Pooch bad plays out found I stay with me then if we are to the reading I've got word John 8 and for Swan the Bible says but Jesus went to the Mount of Olives early morning he came again to the temple in all the people are coming to jail and he said and began to teach them the scribes and the Pharisees brought Fighter Body a woman call an adultery the scribes and the Pharisees you got to love amen a yeah run a woman caught in adultery and having said her in the center of the court they said the young teacher this woman has been caught in adultery you know very peeping toms now the law of Moses commanded us the stone such women what then do you say Jesus they €retrying to get him in a mass here in a pickle and they were saying this testing him so bad they might have grounds for accusing him but
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