Have a Break, Have a Short Break in Wales

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When deciding to visit Wales for a short break,, take time to visit not just beaches and castles but also tour the historical gardens and witness some of the colorful and exciting festivals which you can take part of.
Various committees or organizations hold annual or seasonal festivals which you have the opportunity to choose which ones you want to go.
"Tenby Arts Festival" This is an eight-day festival with usual exciting mixture of music, poetry, drama, talks and competition on writing.
For those who love literature, arts and music, this festival will fill you up with activities and performances you have never seen and experienced in your entire life.
Usually this happens every September of every year, which is witnessed by hundreds or even thousands of people as survey shows from the committee of this festival.
They have exceptional and melodic "Voices of Pembroke" who performs in Saint Mary's Church.
They hold their reception for friends and sponsors in "Art Matters" gallery with supplied wine.
Following this concert is an opera which this year the program was named " Champagne Frolics".
The people who attend or watch these performances are catered usually by St.
Brides' manager and the staff which comprises a course of three meals all throughout the shows.
Tickets are usually sold out every year on every musical concert they hold, so it is best to reserve yours as soon as possible before you run out of it.
They have singers and a pianist on last year's concert which draw more and more people to come every year.
Fantastic performances and well-organized program hold the audience.
The performances include: "The Armed Man"(very well-rehearsed choir), "Truly Yours, CB" (brilliant play), "The Path to Milk Wood" (excellent talk), "Pack of Lies" (amazing drama) and many more musical performances that will take your breath away.
House and Gardens of Aberglasney This is where you can see the view of a house which is surrounded by gardens.
The house was built during medieval times and is located in Tywi valley at Carmarthenshire, of Aberglasney on West Wales.
It is owned, run and maintained by the city's "Restoration Trust".
The 10-acre land was first opened to the public in the year 1999 which comprises 3 gardens, namely: "Elizabeth/Jacobean Cloister", and Ninfarium garden who won awards and was based from the garden of Ninfa near to Rome.
These gardens were the venues of the BBC's 2009 "Antiques Roadshow.
" the gardens are open on April-September from 10 in the morning to 6 in the evening and on winter time from October-March it open from 10:30 am to 4 pm.
There are entrance costs but they are more affordable, it is guaranteed.
If you sign up for membership, then it will lower more of your costs.
If you bring the whole family with you, it is best to apply for membership, so that when you plan to visit the next time, you will not have to spend more money for the entrance as they will give you more discounts to it.
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