Twins and the Purple Crayon

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Looking outside it is bright and sunny and a sure sign that spring is here.
However, when you walk out the door, the cold windy air makes you stop right in your tracks.
Of course, the calendar says it is April and it is now the season of spring but Mother Nature missed the call and is working on her own time line.
So today, we are trying to find a new activity to do.
One we haven't already done a hundred times, doesn't involve paint and markers, but will keep the kids attention for at least ten minutes.
Recently, we started going to the library and the idea of getting new books each week is really exciting to the twins.
This week, we brought home Harold and the Purple Crayon.
We have this book on the Scholastic Book DVD set, but actually reading it has taken on its own fun.
We read the story, and talked about all the things Harold drew with his purple crayon, like the tree, favorite food, and being in his bed.
Then we compared it to when we draw our own art pictures we can draw anything we want and let our imagination go crazy - just like Harold did when he drew.
We talked about some of the things we would draw with our purple crayon.
It is always so much fun to hear the twins answers and what kinds of things they are interested in.
It is also really neat to hear the differences between a girl and a boys ideas.
Our activity for this story takes us in the kitchen, but this time, we aren't making food, we are making our own purple crayons! We sorted the box of crayons we have (a really great skill to teach), and pulled out the old red and blue ones.
Then we covered muffin pans with tin foil and placed a couple red and blue crayons in each container.
We put them in the oven, set to 200 degrees for 15 minutes.
The kids watched as all the little pieces melted into purple crayons.
When they were finished melting, I took them out of the oven and let them cool.
When the crayons were hard, we had our own purple crayons to draw any pictures we wanted! Our day was filled with lots of fun, we were able to use our imagination, and best of all, we covered reading, science, and art all with one story! Let us know where your purple crayon takes your twins imaginations!
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