How To Eliminate Network Marketing Competition

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If you're a network marketer trying to make money online you obviously need to know how to eliminate your competition.
I will tell you that after reading this article you will not think about competition anymore.
You have a problem with thinking about who's doing what and why they're doing it, right? The only way that you can totally eliminate network marketing competition is to build YOU Inc.
If you know me you understand that I'm very straight forward with this, and for good reason.
This concept has been taught by the gurus of our industry including people like Mike Dillard.
The concept of eliminating network marketing competition is based on three core principles and is part of every successful networker's agenda.
These three principles are: 1.
Build A List.
Build A Relationship With That List.
Market To And Monetize That List.
If you focus on doing these three things putting emphasis on the relationship building process you will eliminate your network marketing competition.
Your list will become your fans, friends, and ultimately buy from you when they feel as if they know and trust you.
This will come from keeping contact with them on a regular basis through email, blogging, and frequent emails concerning marketing and business building tips.
I personally contact a new member of my list for 26 days straight after opting in and then begin contacting them every other day for a matter of about 30 more times.
This keeps me in front of them and eventually I can become a household name to them.
This turns into trust and that will turn into sales.
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