Lose 20-30 Pounds in One Month

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If you're anything like I was, you're probably looking for a good way to lose 20-30 pounds in one month.
For me it was a summertime wedding I was going to attend.
I was fortunate that I had my own tuxedo, a gift from my grandfather.
The thing is when I went to try it on (and I admit I already suspected I was getting a little "portly"), I could barely get the trousers around my hips.
With the wedding date quickly approaching I realized I need to lose 20-30 pounds in one month.
I'd tried all the diets before I was serious about losing 20-30 pounds in one month.
I tried the Beach Diet, the No-Carb Diet, Being in some Zone Diet, you name it.
Since I wasn't about to listen to some formerly fat actress and pay more money for food I could buy at the Super Shopper, I decided to do my own research.
The problem with these diets is you lose the weight, plateau, and then gust back up in pounds.
Here's what I discovered: I was heavy because I was eating the wrong types of foods for weight loss.
Not only that, but I was eating the wrong types of foods at the wrong times.
Food is very powerful medicine and honestly, sometimes we use it improperly.
Here's a big secret-you need to eat more than one meal a day! That was a tough one for me to believe.
How can I lose weight by eating more? What I discovered was a thing called The Shifting Calorie Theory.
I learned how to shock my metabolism into losing weight.
My body wasn't able to "expect" what type of calories I was going to consume.
And believe me I ate enough delicious food to keep myself satisfied.
I simply wasn't hungry enough to overeat.
So if you too are looking for a way to lose 20-30 pounds in one month, check out my site in my author box.
You've got nothing to lose but the weight!
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