Exercise To Make The Most of Your Body Shape

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Fitness articles sometimes ask if you're a pear or an apple.
They're not asking about which fruit you prefer.
What they'd like to know is if your body shape resembles an apple or a pear.
People sometimes give funny answers to this question.
One lady answered that she looks like a cellphone.
Another said she looks like a pumpkin.
And there are the lucky few who actually look like an hourglass.
Your body shape determines fat distribution.
It can also give clues as to what kind of health problems you may be prone to develop.
Whatever your shape, exercise can make the most out of it.
An hourglass figure in women is enviable.
Think Betty Boop or Jessica Rabbit.
You need both cardio and resistance training to maintain your figure.
You usually accumulate fat in both upper and lower body.
Your cardio workout keeps your weight in check.
Do 30 to 40 minutes of cardio exercises 3 to 4 times a week, and lift weights to maintain muscle mass and density.
You have to vary your strength training routine, though, so that you keep your muscles lean and not bulky.
Make sure that you include upper and lower body exercises, and include biceps and triceps exercises.
You should also do squats and lunges to balance everything out.
Hourglasses tend to have jiggly arms and saddlebags.
If you are a pear, that means your lower body is bigger than your upper part.
You will want to focus on balancing your top half with the bottom half.
That means slimming down the lower part of your body.
To achieve this, you may want to do cardio exercises that work your lower half.
You can do walking, jumping rope or cycling using low resistance.
You can also do some leg lifts and dips.
Upper body strength training is a must too.
Growing muscles on your upper body will create a pleasing balance.
You can do push ups, shoulder presses and side, front and bent over lateral raises.
Pears usually have weak upper bodies and can benefit from exercises that target the shoulders.
Apples have a bulky upper body.
The lower half is slimmer compared to the upper half.
Try intense cardio exercises to blast fat.
Your lower body should be subjected to exercises that help develop muscles.
You can do stair climbing or walking on an incline.
Do low reps with heavy weights for lower body exercises.
Squats, leg presses and dead lifts can help give shape to your lower body.
Do high reps for the upper body.
Weights should be light.
Charge it to human nature.
People usually covet what they don't have.
Some people achieve the body they'd like to have.
But one thing is certain.
You have to work to reach your goal.
Exercise can help you with this.
You just have to know the kinds of exercise that will make you reach your goals faster.
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