How to Lay a Freezer Down

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    • 1). Empty all contents from the freezer, pull out the plug and let the freezer thaw before attempting to move it. Absorb interior moisture with towels and seal the doors with duct tape to prevent them from swinging open.

    • 2). Move the freezer out from its location and determine where the tubes are located on the back of the applicance. Most refrigerators and freezers have cooling, discharge and suction tubes connected to the compressor. These tubes must remain facing up to prevent oil from getting into the lines and permanently damaging the freezer.

    • 3). Place a 2- by 4-inch piece of wood on a level surface in a location that can properly support the top portion of the freezer when it is laid down.

    • 4). Lay a towel over the wood to protect the exterior of the freezer.

    • 5). Stand in front of the freezer, extend your arms and grab the back portion of the appliance. Make sure that you have your legs planted firmly on the ground in a stance that can support the weight of the freezer.

    • 6). Pull on the back of the fridge with both hands until the appliance starts to lean towards you.

    • 7). Slowly lower the appliance to the ground by bending both knees.

    • 8). Rest the top portion of the freezer on the 2- by 4-inch wood. Laying the freezer at an angle will keep the oil from flowing into the cooling lines.

    • 9). Double-check to make sure that the tubes are facing upwards. The front of the freezer should be facing the ground.

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      As soon as the freezer is turned upright, wait several hours before plugging it in and turning it on. If the freezer has lain on the ground for 24 hours or more, stand it upright and wait another 24 hours before running an electric current through it.

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