Anyone Who Hates Missing A Workout Can" t Be All Bad

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W.C.Fields once said that "Anyone who hates dogs and kids can't be all bad". That got him a lot of laughs because people knew that you had to like your friends', relatives' and neighbors' kids and dogs whether you really did or not. It was expected back then as it still is today. That means you had to genuinely like them regardless of what they did to you--things which should have been stopped and apologized for.

When it comes to workouts, there are families who would never understand you showing up late for Thanksgiving dinner because you couldn't get into your club early enough. Perhaps your's is one. It would be very much like most of the families in this country.

Of course if you had been silly enough to tell them that you loved the feelings which come from never missing (like Michael Phelps), you possibly deserve to suffer. Families just do not think well of their relatives who are so hooked, as they say, on something like working out.That even extends to the sixteen year olds who are on a high school champion swim team.

These family patriarchs and matriarchs deeply believe that nothing should come between them and you when it comes to the holidays.Of course, they would have an even worse problem if you showed up late because you were too much into the spirit of the day to brush your teeth or take a shower. But, these are non-issues as they are easily taken care of at home.

The point is that families are unforgiving of workouts. If you have a routine that cuts into their special times, you are going to be severely criticized. If you refuse to show up at all, you will get you even worse treatment. It is unlikely that a significant number will have the audacity to do that.

It is clear that getting up earlier to get done with your 2 mile swim or 80 minute bike ride would solve the problem. But far too few of us can do that. In still too many cases there still is no exer-cycle in the spare bedroom, or the club doesn't stay open all night.

It is far more likely that we will be forced to not work out, thereby enabling us to show up up like dutiful family members. Clearly yo may be fortunate enough to have a mother like Michael Phelps' who would be highly supportive just like she was on the Olympic telecast. But, she is one in 79 million (the number of baby boomers in the US). Knowing that, what are you going to do about next Thanksgiving.
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