How to Make a Costume From the Clothes Already in My Closet

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    • 1). Rub the old t-shirt into the ground to make it dirty. Cut holes in it if desired. Put on with the most worn-out pair of jeans you have.

    • 2). Apply a thin layer of white makeup mixed with a little green to any exposed skin. The skin should look pale-greenish, not opaque clown white.

    • 3). Create wounds on the face and hands with liquid latex. If applying to any area with hair, apply a thin coat of vegetable oil first, to make removal easier. Brush or sponge a layer of liquid latex to the area and allow to dry. Build up several layers and, before it's fully dry, use a plastic knife to create gashes or scars. Dried liquid latex can also be pulled back to look like the skin is falling off.

    • 4). Add fake blood with a cotton swab to give wounds a realistic look. Apply blood around the mouth and down the neck. Drip additional blood onto the t-shirt, especially around the neckline.

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