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Learning a second language is not always a major priority, especially for working adults, and it is easy to understand why.

Learning a new language takes considerable time, money and effort, and unless required in school or at work, its immediate purpose is, oftentimes, uncertain.

Of course, that is just one way of looking at it. The other way is to consider it as a lifelong investment with, perhaps, intangible but significant benefits.

Consider the Spanish language.

Around the globe, there are more than 38 million people who speak the language. While spoken in more than 20 countries, the US is, interestingly, the fifth largest Spanish-speaking nation, following the lead of four traditionally Spanish-speaking countries (Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Argentina), according to a report from NBCLatino.com.

As such, children and adults who learn Spanish gain an instant advantage over their peers in terms of career, travel and socializing opportunities, to name a few.

Each year, with more people speaking the language and more companies and organizations recognizing the importance of the Hispanic market, learning Spanish is fast becoming a basic skill necessary to thrive in a multi-cultural nation such as the US.

Here are some real-life situations where in Spanish saves the day.

1. Resolving conflict. Miles from (insert city/town) was shopping at the popular El Rastro in Madrid when she got into an argument with a vendor just as she was about to leave with her purchases. She tried to calmly inquire in English but the vendor seemed all the more distressed every time she tried to explain. Fortunately, Miles enrolled in a class to learn Spanish prior to backpacking her way around Europe. Using her basic Spanish skills, she eventually found out that she paid the wrong amount which the vendor misunderstood as her rather aggressive way of haggling to get a lower price.

2. Building relationships. Robert of (insert city/town) shared that before he and his fiance got together, his main challenge was overcoming the language barrier. Originally from Cordoba in Argentina, Laura, his fiance, spoke little English back then. Other boys in their class also wooed her and used the usual flowers-chocolate approach. Robert, on the other hand, decided to get to know her better by working on how to learn Spanish. In the end, he won Laura over with his efforts to speak her language.

3. Impressing the boss. Emilyn, a PR manager in (insert city/town) is naturally fond of learning new languages. After college, she took time to learn Spanish before actively job hunting. One time, an exchange student-intern was assigned to their department. While her colleagues struggled to talk to the new guy, Emilyn used her Spanish skills to take the lead in orienting and supervising the intern. This effort did not go unnoticed by their boss who eventually assigned her to open and manage their new business in Spain.

Learn Spanish in San Diego

When it comes to learning Spanish in San Diego and the Orange County, The Spanish Group is known and preferred for its flexible learning approach which focuses on the learner's pace, proficiency, language acquisition level, prior experience with the language, and even preferred schedule and venue.

The team is also known for its team of highly skilled teachers, tutors, translators and interpreters who are genuinely warm and patient.

The Spanish Group's headquarters is located at 4500 Campus Drive, Suite 650, Newport Beach. Those who want to Learn Spanish in San Diego area with other language offerings such as tutorial and lessons for all levels. The group also offers special lessons for clients who intend to use the language for travel purposes, whether business or leisure.

For more information, call (949) 793-7372 or visit thespanishgroup.org. Interested students or clients can also follow OC Spanish on Twitter (www.twitter.com/thespanishgroup) or on Facebook (http://www.Facebook.com/thespanishgroup).
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