Online Business - Monetizing Your Website

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Let's say that you are interested in making money with an online business.
You've heard all about keywords, and you've done the research to find the keywords that everyone is searching for.
You've done a lot of work to build a website around those keywords with useful, entertaining content, and lots of people have linked to your sites, so you're at the top of the list in Google's search results.
You've done everything right, so the traffic is just pouring into your site.
What are you going to do to capitalize on that traffic? This article is focused on this important aspect of your internet business model, how to monetize your website.
You have three primary options: Sell your own products or services, participate in affiliate programs to sell others' products or services, or sell advertising on your website.
We will explore each of these options briefly.
Perhaps the most obvious option is to sell your own products or services.
Even if you don't own a business that produces anything, you can still create products that you can sell.
For example, perhaps you write an eBook, or your sell phone consultations on your area of expertise.
However, selling your own products and services may take the most work, because you need to set up a way of getting paid by your customers.
This can be done either by setting up your own site for e-commerce, or by using an outside site such as Pinnacle Cart, but in either case is more work or expense than the following two options.
The second option is to become an affiliate who sells products or services for another company.
Affiliate programs can be large and general, such as the Amazon affiliate program, or you may find sellers of specific products or services, such as web hosting providers, that will pay you when you send paying customers to them.
Affiliate programs will typically provide you with the tools that you need, from banner ads to text links, to drive customers to their sites and get paid.
This is less work than setting yourself up to sell your own products or services, but still more work than the third option.
This third option is to sell advertising on your site.
This could be a lot of work, if you were to go out and try to find advertisers yourself, but it is very easy if you sign up for a program such as Google's AdSense.
AdSense provides code that delivers ads that are relevant to the content of the page that they appear on, making it easy for you to provide advertisements that your visitors will be interested in.
There are, of course, alternatives to AdSense, such as Chitika or Yahoo Publisher Network, and it is possible to use these in combination with each other, so you can try multiple options and see what works best for you.
To maximize the revenue of your online business, it probably makes sense to use some combination of these three options.
If you keep your mind open to the full range of online business opportunities as you are developing your business model, you will be more likely to discover the winning combination for you.
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