How Can I Control Panic Attacks? 3 Tips That Can Really Help

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One of the questions that always used to plague me was, how can I control my panic attacks? I did not get these attacks regularly but they where debilitating enough so that I would really fear when they can this in turn started a vicious cycle which would make me more prone to feelings anxious and getting panic attacks.
Below are a few tips that I have learned through hours or research that really helped me to get my attacks under control.
Tip 1: Control your breathing: Start breathing slowly and blowing your breath out with your lips closed and your hands on your stomach so you can tell how slow you are breathing.
This will help you to gain some sort of control of your panic attack.
You should try to talk to someone, and if no one is available, talk to yourself so that you will know that you are able to talk and breathe still.
Tip 2: Find a distraction: You need to try and distract yourself somehow.
Distraction and taking your mind off your feelings is perhaps the most powerful way to deal with anxiety, panic and many related conditions, quickly and efficiently.
Tip 3: Relax your shoulders and other parts of your body: You need to relax your shoulders.
You should concentrate on relaxing all the rest of your large muscle groups that feel tense; you may even want to apply some gentle pressure or massage these areas to relieve the tension.
It is advised that you tighten up your left leg while breathing deeply and keeping it tightened while holding your breath.
After that, you should let your leg relax and let out the breath you have been holding.
You should then do the same with your right leg.
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