LASIK Marketing Methods For The Web

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It's fair to assume most people who wear glasses and/or contacts have, at one time or another, dreamed about how it feels like having perfect vision. To be able to get rid of their glasses or contacts. Can they find your LASIK Practice when it comes time for them to get on the internet to look for a LASIK Surgeon in their general area? That's when having the right LASIK Marketing strategy is of enormous value.

Whether your practice is new to the internet or you've had a web presence since the internet began, there are a plethora of online LASIK marketing strategies that help you connect with these patients.

1. Make Sure You're In Web Directories

There are dozens of online listing services that people turn to when looking for services near where they live. The biggest sites for online LASIK marketing are:

Google Places
Yahoo Local

All are free and can greatly increase the chances of potentialpatients being able to find your website, phone number and address. If your practice is already listed, claim the listing and fill in each option you are able to. If your practice isn't already there, add it! It's especially crucial that you keep your practice's information the same on all of the listing websites when doing Local Search Marketing.

2. Start A Blog!

A crucial strategy in online LASIK marketing in recent history is blogging. Your practice can easily launch and maintain a blog free of charge. The most popular blogging platform, WordPress, can be incorporated into an existing website or used on its own.

Blogs are a way to give potential patients the main thing they are seeking online -- good information. Blogs are a chance to generate interest in your practice, draw more hits to your website and get higher in Google searches.

3) Encourage Online Testimonials

As prospective patients begin to hunt for an eye surgery specialist near their area, a key element in making a decision can be reviews from other patients on the web.

If you're not aware of what critiques you've been getting online, you should learn. Most people tend to go to the web only to submit a poor review rather than a good one, so it's time to start enticing patients to head to their computers and share their positive stories! One way to do this is using incentives to reviewers -- consider entering them into a drawing or giving out special coupons, for example.

4) Use Social Media

Social media websites have become much more than places to keep up with gossip and connect with old friends; these sites have evolved into a vital instrument for developing and promoting businesses. Any successful online LASIK marketing strategy should add in joining the big social media networks, for example Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

These sites will be able to achieve numerous goals for eye surgeons.

Make it simple for patients to communicate positive comments.
Spread your name to a greater audience.
Connect with a substantial number of potential patients to share information like promos, coupons, etc. swiftly and easily.

5) Diversify Your Practice's Marketing Tactics

The key thing to do on the internet is this final bit of advice -- don't utilize only one marketing tool.

All of the aforementioned tools are wonderful for helping people find specialists for the services they need, but these strategies work best in concert with each other. These methods should merge for a complete online LASIK marketing strategy for the best bang for your buck.

To learn more about a personalized Lasik online marketing plan for your practice, contact our qualified medical marketing company today.
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