How To Get Cash When You Need It Urgently

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We all know of times when we or a family member or friend has urgently needed more money than they have in savings.
The car may have broken down.
Like my neighbor's did once, when he was barely 200 yards down the road on a family holiday, the van packed with camping gear and the children all looking forward to a summer in a camping resort.
Or someone may have run a red light, hit your car, and damaged it so much it had to be written off and replaced.
This happened to one of my son's teachers late last year.
Not an easy situation for the solo mum on a modest income.
Many reasons why we need a loan Leaving aside accidents, there are a whole range of other circumstances that swamp us and demand money -- significant amounts of quick money.
Such as the happy announcement of your daughter that she's getting married in three months.
Which parents have savings on hand to meet the high price of even a modest wedding reception these days? Or the need to extend the house because the children have got bigger and need extra bedrooms.
There are any number of legitimate calls on our savings, and there will be times when we just don't have the money in the bank to cover them.
Even with life-habits of careful spending and careful planning, some things are just beyond our control and we need some money to bridge us over an emergency.
Money that we have the capacity and track record to repay.
But money that we just don't have right now, when we need it.
That bridging finance is available.
What's more, it is probably easier to get it than you realize.
With planning, good financial advice and careful management of your income for a few months, you can probably sustain a loan easily.
There are several ways to get quick money.
Obviously the family is a good first port of call, if your have good relations with members in better financial circumstances than yourself.
But if the whole family is just keeping ahead of your bills, on ordinary incomes, then you will need to look further afield.
Some loans are easy to get Look no further than a secured loan.
You will have heard about these as 'second mortgages'.
They are popular and many (many!) people have taken out.
A borrower has a legitimate need for a loan and approaches his bank or another excellent non-bank lending institution.
The lender asks if some property could be put forward as security against a loan.
And since the borrower has a significant equity in the home he puts that forward and gets his loan.
If you manage your affairs correctly and repay the loan on time from your normal cash flow, that is great.
But, while this is the normal experience of most borrowers, and secured loans would not be so widely popular if they were not easy and safe, the lender does have the right to sell you home if you can't meet the repayments.
This needs to be considered and discussed before taking the loan.
Because when you agree to borrow the money you also agree to have your home sold is you default with a legal, binding document.
Financial advice at the time of borrowing However, in almost all cases secured loans are easily repaid.
So they are well worth getting when you need one.
A good broker will help you even more by knowing where you can get the most favorable loans available, what pitfalls to avoid, and if there are any good deals about to come onto the market.
So start looking for a good secured loan by finding a good broker.
He will save you time, expense and emotional energy.
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