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Some people never consider where to obtain the most positive reading.
It isn't in the self-help or psychology shelves of your favorite bookstore.
It's in the children's section.
Want to find out how to play nicely and get along with others? Read a children's book.
Want to learn how to have meaningful and respectful relationships? You guessed it.
Pick up a children's book! What is it about relationships anyway? Don't people want be happy, have more meaningful relationships and feel a sense of calm in a world where chronic anxiety is at an all-time high? The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition, defines relationships as "a state of connectedness between people".
So why do we often feel so disconnected, so negative, so unrelated? What can we do to change our train of thought and enable ourselves to make the choice to live positively and make the most out of our relationships and our lives? There's a simple answer - it's a matter of going back to basics.
In this ever changing, high tech world, we all stall from time to time and that's because technology makes it easy for us to function without putting out very much effort.
However, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually this isn't possible.
There is no technical miracle that will help us to enrich our lives, issues and relationships.
Whether it's a weight control issue, a friend/family oriented obstacle, work related problem or something as simple as adding another mile onto the morning jog, none of us is exempt from stalling therefore, we need a coping mechanism.
Some experts suggest visualization, hypnosis, journal writing, and daily affirmations to get us though these moments.
My suggestion to those who have tried these options without success is to open their minds and a children's book! Consider the motivating classics like "Oh the Places You'll Go, by Dr.
Seuss, or The Little Engine that Could, by Watty Piper.
How many people do you know still recite the phrase, "I think I can, I think I can"? Guilty as charged.
Patrick Wanis, Author, Human Behavior Expert and Life Coach, puts it simply in his book entitled "How to Get What You Want": "When you change a limiting, negative belief into a positive belief you are changing the dynamics of your inner vibration, your energy.
Change your beliefs and you change your reality.
" A children's story allows us the possibility to change our reality because of the automatic suspension of disbelief - there is no fluff or psycho-babble to camouflage the message.
More importantly, because we know that what we are reading is fiction, we naturally suspend our skepticism, cynicism and doubt.
We become open to the message.
We become open to change.
Therefore the piece to the puzzle of positive thinking, positive loving and positive living can be in a single word, a single thought, a single choice and it also just may be in children's book.
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