Tips to Improve Your Writing Techniques

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The gurus of internet marketing today tout article marketing as the in thing, replacing link-building as the best method of attracting visitors to your website.
This means you write articles and submit them to top article sites but your articles must be of impeccable quality.
So to improve your writing you might try new words just to give the readers some sort of vocabulary quiz.
This is an effective technique for word recall so they will remember your article as needed.
You can use words to obtain the definitions, a much easier method than using a thick dictionary.
Actually, the principle of article marketing is to use the article as a vehicle to point readers or searchers to your site where they can get additional information.
Submitting the article to top article sites highly improves the chances of it being read, perhaps landing in the first page of Google or Yahoo! search results.
If the article opens in the reader sufficient interest to seek further information, then he will proceed to your site and be exposed to the advertisements there, which, hopefully, he will click on and get you paid by the advertiser.
So the article must be of great quality.
Admittedly, there are articles in the Internet that are simply fluff, full of words but saying nothing, and this is one you should avoid.
It completely turns off the reader and he will refrain from going to your site.
Here are a few tips on how to improve your article writing style: 1.
Get direct to the point.
Elaborate descriptions and hyperboles are appropriate to literary writing, not for information articles.
The greatest frustration a reader can get is to read a whole paragraph and yet imbibe no or very little information from it.
Descriptive words should be minimal and as specific as can be.
Use simpler words as much as possible.
Not all of your readers are erudite; quite a lot will be plain people and many may be students.
Unless you need to be really specific and cannot escape it, such as in using technical terms, complicated and highfalutin words are unnecessary.
Go light.
Severe and serious-sounding articles are often boring to read so some lightness will be good.
In fact, a little humor will not be amiss if you can manage it.
It makes for a more enjoyable reading.
Be short and fast.
Internet reading is not identical to reading a book.
Somehow a computer screen requires faster reading, perhaps because it scrolls.
So three to four sentences a paragraph is the norm, five as maximum.
Neither should the sentences be very long; it can be tiring.
Even one-sentence paragraphs are acceptable depending on the paragraph construction.
Adapt your writing to the site.
Many sites have their own style of presentation, so read a few articles in it to get how they flow.
Emulate this and your article will pass their requirements a lot easier.
Proofread several times.
No syntax, construction, spelling and typo errors, please.
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