Learn How to Book Student Airline Tickets at a Discount and Travel Cheaply

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There is a certain art to booking student airline tickets at a cheaper price.
It is not a secret and anyone can try it with success.
With just a few points to remember, you can protect your pocketbook as well as your travel interests.
Pick the least busy day of the week to travel to automatically get cheaper pricing for student airline tickets.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday are optimal travel times because business travellers tend to stick with Mondays and Fridays.
The naturally busiest times command top dollar while in off days, airlines can only hope to fill enough seats to be profitable.
You can benefit from travelling during these off-peak times.
Choose red-eye flights or those with layovers for inexpensive airfare.
Flying in the middle of the night or early morning hours may not be appealing, but it will help save some money.
Choosing a smaller airport can pay off for you in cheaper ticket pricing over flying into one of the bigger, busier airports.
Typically, anywhere there is an international airport, there is likely a smaller airport within a thirty minute to an hour drive away.
Try the "puddle jumper" flights and save money too.
These smaller flights are typically through regional airlines.
While they have to adhere to the same strict safety policies, you will find that you are compromising a little space and niceties in return for a great price break on your air fare.
During non-busy times, you can try flying on stand-by.
Basically, you just go to the airport and take a chance that you could maybe get onto a flight you want, even though the airline says it is fully booked.
In this situation, people may not show up at the last minute which leaves an empty, and therefore, unprofitable seat available.
You could garner cheap stand-by rates as a student.
If you expect to fly several times a year, it may pay to join a travel club or inquire through a membership organization you may be a part of to see if they partner with any airlines for cheaper rates.
This partnership is a win-win for airlines as their discounted offerings helps them fill seats that could have stood empty otherwise.
You reap the benefits of a lower rate for members-only.
If you employ one or more of the tips above to save money, you are very likely to save money.
With student airline tickets at a cheaper rate, you have extra cash to use for various school expenses.
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