At The Ready

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"At the ready" is a point of view that I love to embrace to the fullest.
It means that in our house, if you need a pencil, a knife, a piece of paper, or a light - no matter what you need at any moment, my intent is to have provided it where you would expect it to be.
No need to search for it.
You can expect that it is "at the ready.
" One morning as I observed the squirrels, birds and trees in our yard I realized that they have a built in expectation that what they need is "at the ready.
" While I watched, I tried to imagine what it would feel like to be a squirrel, bird or tree.
As I did so, that peaceful "at the ready" feeling became "my feeling.
" As that feeling seeped into my thinking, I realized that everything we need is also always "at the ready.
" How could it be otherwise? The Principle of Love must always provide perfectly for all those that live in "Its home" as I attempt to provide in mine.
The difference between me and the squirrels, birds and trees is that I think I have to be or do something in order for all that I need to be "at the ready.
" They don't.
Provision in all its forms is just how it is, not something to acquire, understand or go to work for.
Here's the problem.
The point of view of "at the ready" is not what we have been trained to perceive as reality.
We have been trained in the worldview.
This worldview displays itself in two opposite forms, but with the same basic error in the premise.
The first form is the point of view that there is not enough, in other words, "lack".
It's that perception that some have, and some don't.
That work of some kind is required in order to receive, and that often in order to have that work to provide well for us, it will mean we will have to compromise what we feel is the right way to live.
This point of view has two different results: varying degrees of wealth or poverty.
Wealth if we are good at the "game", poverty if we aren't.
The second form is the point of view that we have a right to be wealthy, now.
It is the "privileged" point of view.
It is the perception that the world owes us.
This point of view also has two outcomes.
It can appear in our lives as either some form of laziness or personal debt.
It is an, "I want it and I want it now" lifestyle.
And yes, both forms of this worldview and its outcome can be found in most of all of our lives.
We can't turn the point of view of "lack" into abundance, nor can we turn the point of view of "privilege" into provision, although we can certainly spend a huge part of our life attempting to do so.
Both of these points of view begin with the wrong premise, and that makes it inevitable that the outcome will be wrong.
It is the same as if we held the point of view that 2 plus 2 equals five.
If we persist in living this wrong premise, we will experience a life in which every mathematical problem we ever try to work out will always end with the wrong answer.
Living within either form of the worldview will never bring the correct answer to our lives.
Instead we have to shift to the correct point of view of "at the ready".
When we choose the correct premise that 2 plus 2 equals four, we will arrive at the correct answer.
When we shift to the correct premise that the Principle of Love has provided everything "at the ready" then the outcome of that perception, appearing as our lives, will also shift to the correct answer without our effort in trying to make it happen.
Without effort does not mean without action.
The squirrels, birds and tree outside our window appear to live effortlessly within the "at the ready" point of view.
But, they do not live passively.
They are consistently in action, constantly, fully, living their lives as the unique expression of Life that that they are.
Let's live our lives in the expectation that all is "at the ready" and stop wasting our time trying to live out of an incorrect point of view.
Nothing we can do will ever make a wrong premise come to the right answer.
Nor can we ever change the Truth of constant Love's provision.
That's the good news.
We simply have to shift to the correct point of view and begin to live actively as our personal, unique expression of Life Living Itself.
Our world will shift to reflect this correct premise effortlessly.
It all begins within, not without.
Watch the squirrels, birds, and trees in your neighborhood.
You'll see.
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