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The basis of golf begins with an understanding of what exactly must happen in a good golf stroke.
I call this, "The Basis Of Golf.
" Good golf MUST comply with the laws of force and motion.
We obey these laws everyday of our lives without even knowing it.
When you get up out of bed, jump into your car, open a door eveything we do is in full compliance with these laws.
Three parts of a Golf Club 1.
Clubshaft 2.
Clubface 3.
Clubhead 2.
Three Major Concepts of the Golf Stroke 1.
Inclined Plane - Clubshaft 2.
Hinge Action - Clubface 3.
Centrifugal Force - Clubhead 3.
Three Essentials For a Good Golf Stroke 1.
Steady Head 2.
Balance 3.
Rhythm 4.
Three Imperatives For a Good Golf Stroke 1.
Flat Left Wrist at Impact 2.
On Plane Club Shaft 3.
Club Head Lag 5.
The Principle of the Golf Game - Line of Compression: Hitting the ball from the inside of the target Line toward the outside of target with a Flat Left Wrist 6.
Three Dimensions of the Golf Stoke - (on an Inclined Plane) 1.
Downward 2.
Outward 3.
Forward Once you have recognized and incorporated the above into your golf stroke you WILL start hitting the ball farther and straighter.
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