How to Breed Boxers

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    How to breed a boxer

    • 1). Select a veterinarian. You will need a doctor that can take care of your boxer in case of emergencies. If your female is pregnant is delivering you will need to be able to call upon a veterinarian for help or assistance.

    • 2). Take the boxer to the veterinarian to be tested. In order to make sure your male or female boxer is in good health you will need to be able to prove it with records from the doctor. Have x-rays taken in order to detect hip dysplasia, thyroid tests, immunizations, and a heart health certification that is certified by the board of cardiologists.

    • 3). Find a male or female that make a good companion with your boxer. If you have a female that you want to breed then you will need to find her a male with a good temperament and no health problems. He needs to have a good reputation among other breeders. The male is called a stud and if he has a good reputation then he will be used among several breeders. Getting a stud to breed with your female will cost around $1000. If you have a male boxer you need to make sure he is healthy and confident. He cannot be aggressive and he must have a great appearance.

    • 4). Determine how much money you will need in order to keep the boxer in good health. When you have a female boxer you will need to take her to the veterinarian for weekly check-ups as it gets closer to delivery. A check-up could cost around $50 each visit. You will also need to figure out the cost to take care of the litter of puppies. They will eventually need their tails docked and ears cropped. This can cost at least $500 for each puppy.

    • 5). Register your boxer puppies with AKC in order to make it official that they are boxers. When selling the puppies you will need to have proof that they are registered with AKC and a health record. If your adult boxer is not registered then you will need to do so before selling the puppies.

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