How to Make a Polar Graph

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    • 1). Create a table of the data. Label the first column "Angle (Degrees)" and the second column "Magnitude." Write the data into the columns of the table. In a polar graph these table headings correspond to the angle rotated from the zero degree line and the distance from the origin.

    • 2). Find the angle of the first point. The polar graph paper has a number of radial divisions that look like spokes of a wheel. Place the protractor on the polar graph paper so that it is centered on the origin and over the 0 degree line. Find the angle of the first point and make a faint mark at this angle.

    • 3). Plot the distance of the first point. Align the ruler between the origin and the faint mark made earlier. Mark a cross at the quoted distance. Plot the rest of the points on the graph.

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