Why People Unlock Blackberry Phones

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Unlocking your Blackberry is a common problem which many people want to find a solution to. However, it is not that simple because there are many models of this phone which need to be taken into account. Let us see the methods for some types below.

The tips:

Before switching on the phone, insert a SIM Card. Then visit the main menu and disable the wireless connections. This is done with the command 'go to Manage Connections' and select 'Turn all connections off'. Return to the main menu and switch to options, then advanced options and the SIM card.

Now type meppd and a lock list of options will appear. Then type mepp2 in order to obtain no. 2. Afterwards, click on the numbers key and every number will pop up. Insert the code for unlocking and press 'enter'. The message 'code accepted' will show up on your phone. Switch it off and on. Activate the wireless connections by going to 'manage connections'. This time, choose 'restore connections' instead. The message 'searching' will appear on your screen's top. The signal for the network will come after about 5-10 seconds. Press the button for back in order to get to the main screen. Your task is completed successfully when the phone is unlocked. Now, you can make and receive all the calls you want.

Note that the above instructions only apply to Blackberry Storm 9500. It is a touch screen model so ensure that you type cautiously.

€More include the 8100 Pearl model.

For this, visit the menu, press options and finally advanced options before proceeding to the sim card. In the menu for this card, the shift command has to be held down. Afterwards, press meppd. The screen for the unlocking level which includes Service Provider, Network Subset, Network, Corporate etc. will appear. Once the network lock shows that it is active, the indication that the phone is locked will be confirmed. The 'code accepted' message will then appear. The level screen showing the unlocking level will tell you that the network is deactivated. This is a signal that you restart your cell and you are done.

€For Blackberry 8700:

Visit the menu; go to options and select advanced options. Choose the sim card and press select. Hold down the shift button by following the bottom right corner with CAPS. Type mepd. The five elements for unlocking will appear. Type mep2 while holding the key for alt. Let it go which will initiate the process for entering the Network MEP code. Do it, input return or enter and the phone is unlocked.
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