Who Else Wants To Know How To Find The G-Spot And Stimulate It?

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Do you know how to find the g-spot? After finding it, do you know how to stimulate it to give your partner more intense orgasms? Do you know that when the g-spot is stimulated, women can experience different types of orgasms? It's true.
In this article we are going to learn how to find the g-spot and how to stimulate it.
You will also learn how to give your partner amazing mind-blowing orgasms by locating the g-spot and stimulating it.
The techniques and tricks given below is all the stuff you need to know about the g-spot.
How to find the G-Spot You can locate the g-spot about 1-2 inches at the upper part of the woman's vagina.
In other words, you can find it underneath her stomach.
You will get to know when you find the g-spot since it feels like the roof of your mouth.
How to stimulate the G-Spot? It is the desire of many men to satisfy their partner through sexual intercourse alone.
But this is not always a good idea since satisfying a woman in bed is not only about thrusting or penetration.
There is more to it: the position you use, your partner's level of arousal, the size of your member, the shape and size of the vagina are all factors you might need to look at.
To cut everything short, using your finger is the easiest way to make your lover reach an orgasm.
Before you stimulate the G-spot This is very important.
In most instances, a clitoral stimulation is needed before the g-spot is stimulated.
You should ask your partner what she likes and proceed from there.
If she is not fully aroused and you touch the g-spot, she will feel uneasy.
The right positions to stimulate the G-Spot You should be in a position that gives you an easy access to your partner's g-spot.
I recommend two positions you can use:
  • She lies down on her back and you lie next to her.
  • She can also sit in doggie-style position, as you sit and give her pleasure from behind.
The technique to stimulate the G-Spot When your partner is fully aroused, penetrate her with your finger and stroke the g-spot firmly with it in a "come here" motion.
With your finger facing the vagina's front wall stroke, massage, and tap the g-spot.
Remember that the g-spot is not the same as the clitoris, meaning, in most cases, you need to put a little pressure on it.
How do you know she's enjoying it? All women are not the same.
You should try different spots and find out what she enjoys most.
The way she breathes and the way she holds you will give you a clue she is enjoying it.
Knowing how to find the g spot and stimulating it is a good start.
However, there is a way to make your partner experience even more pleasures from this act.
The missing piece to an intense female orgasm Many men focus on just penetration that they forget prolonged foreplay can intensify a woman's orgasm.
The most important part of sex actually comes before sex, so you should spice things up with foreplay.
Don't let the bedroom magic disappear gradually, since it will become harder to make your partner achieve an orgasm.
It is said that women prefer different ways in their intimacy and hence, it's best to have many options up your sleeve to please your woman in bed.
So there you have it, how to find the g spot and stimulate it to drive your lady wild in bed with wild screaming orgasms.
I believe this article has pointed out some useful techniques you can follow to find your woman's g-spot and stimulate it.
Got any techniques of your own to share? Share in the comments.
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