How to Choose A Right Firewall !!!

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Despite the availability of different type of network security technologies in the market, the firewall implementation still remains a important component of any organization network architecture. However, today's organizations have several choices or option for choosing a right firewall as per their requirement. This article covers how to choose right firewall and why open source firewall for your organization.

To choose a right firewall, one should have an understanding of firewall features, a little background knowledge and what type of firewall best suits to their organizational needs. Having knowledge of all these, you will end up with the right type of firewall for your organization. You can choose right firewall based on what type of firewall you needs. There are six basic types of Firewalls, Embedded based firewall, Enterprise based firewall, Hardware and Software based firewall, Network based firewall, Application based firewall and Small office/Home office based firewall.

All of these firewall types typically offers traffic passing architecture along with hybrid architectures to secure your Internet traffic.

Embedded based firewalls are firewalls that are embedded into either a router or a switch. Many time some standard routers comes with embedded firewalls, and on other  hand you can purchase an add-on firewall module to install into a router or switch on your existing one you have. Embedded firewalls are sometimes referred to as choke-point firewalls.

Software based firewalls are software program based packages that you install on  your existing operating system and hardware platform. If you have enterprise based operating system in use, then purchasing a software-based firewall is a smart choice.

Hardware-based firewalls also known as appliance firewalls. The entire firewall is a hardware package, you get a hardware device that has the software already install in it.

Applications based firewalls are firewalls with a certain application focus. For example, in network security servers there is built-in firewall-type rules that are basically made for filtering content, or security messaging servers.

Why Open Source Firewall???

• To build a complete, secure and stable firewall
• Available free of charge, User friendly and easy to use
• Graphical interface, Suitable for use on desktops, servers and gateways
• Option to whitelist or blacklist traffic, Real time firewall events view

Of all the choices presented here, the only one you can choose is based on your exact requirement. There are several things to discuss about firewalls than what I have mentioned here, but hopefully this will be enough to get you going.
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