How To React With Depression

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Saturn rules this state of unbalance, we calldepression.
Nowadays, depression is an illness that is manifesting itself all over the world.
The planet, rules all types of material forms.
This influence includes the mineral world as well as our planet Earth.
Saturn's connection with the law of gravity and the principle of responsibility are well known to the astrologers.
Saturn gives us, blocks and delays and also makes us free: it is a paradox.
These blocks must be seen as opportunities to grow and prove ourselves as maturing individuals.
In this way we grow and in growing we get rid of past entanglements.
Saturn represents time and karma.
Time and karma, if rightly used, gives stability.
Saturn is a severe spiritual teacher, as Saturn sends us the difficulties that we need to overcome to enlighten ourselves.
We can come to terms with his energy, only if we are able to reach a spiritual level, otherwise we find ourselves in the quicksands.
Like physical quicksands, the more the you move into the saturnial problem, the more you sink: it is only by using spiritual resources that you can escape from the problem.
Depression is very much linked to the state of the mind, and Saturn has a mental vibration.
All the fears, emotional upsets, anxieties, and splinters from the collective DNA, etc.
, form what has been called in spiritual sciences the Dweller-on-the-Threshold.
It is by facing the Dweller-on-the-Threshold that we progress.
If we do not struggle with the Dweller-on-the-Threshold we will remain inert and lost.
Everyone has to be reckon with it.
The Dweller-on-the-Threshold has the nature of a gigantic thought-form or factor, which must be faced and dissipated in order to further development.
Its characteristics are big illusions-glamour-maya.
Illusions, glamour, and maya are states so frequent in our daily life aremental and emotional distortions of the true reality.
At this point, to facethis " huge cloud" meditation, study, and service to mankind are able to dissipate all this accumulated glamour of ages.
The mind with the omniscienthelpof the Soul, can break through, and clarify the dark spots.
In the Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna had to face his despair which was caused by an overwhelming depression.
Krishna, came to help him to overcome and win the Illusion which was real cause of his despair.
Krishna gave to him some simple rules to follow: a- Know that you are Immortal b- Control the mind, because this is the tool to know the Immortal c- Know that the form veils and hides the divine reality d- Realize that there is only one Life pervading all forms, so, death does not exist, nor does anxiety, nor does separation.
e- Detach yourself from the form and come to Mein the place of Light and Peace, so the Illusion disappears.
On a more scientific- spiritual angle, depression is a lack of good-will.
When thequality of goodin life, is not expressed, the negation of good turns itself against the owner, causing an attrition which can cause illness.
Depression acts especially on people who has a predominance ofthe mental nature.
Saturn is a sever Teacher, but Saturn holds the keys to open your doors!
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